The world’s best way to sell.

Our services are built to create a smoooth (yes, with 3 o’s) shopping experience from beginning to end. We offer more ways to pay than any other provider empowering consumers to pay in the most convenient way for them.

50m – total clicks from Klarna stores out to merchants across all channels.

10m – UK shoppers choose to pay with Klarna.

#1 – market leader in buy now pay later services.

With you wherever.

We follow your global enterprise anywhere across the world, making sure you offer a payment solution that supports you, is locally adapted, and delights your users as much as your wares do.

How Klarna works.

You get paid upfront and in full, while your customers get the option to pay later or over time. When you team up with Klarna you get more than just a set of modern payment methods. We work to enhance the full customer shopping journey.

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