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Fulfilling Your Potential Great growth, profits and a reimagined customer experience starts with your supply chain. Today’s customer journey is dynamic and challenging, yet full of opportunity. With Blue Yonder, you get an intelligent, digital supply chain platform that delivers dynamic commerce experiences from beginning to end. One platform that helps you predict potential disruptions, find growth opportunities, and optimize inventory replenishment to deliver every time — no matter what the future holds. World’s #1 Digital Supply Chain Platform: Empowering Real-Time Insight & Orchestration Across the Extended Network. Our Luminate™ Platform provides synchronized business planning, execution, delivery and labor solutions that optimize your business and people from end-to-end. Luminate leverages industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities and workflow-driven user experiences to help you better predict, prevent, and resolve disruptions across your entire business.

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