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Who are we?

Balloon was founded in 2003 and is based in West London. Guided by experienced senior management, we are a team of more than 40 highly-skilled staff. Aside from the UK, our global outlook means that we have employees in Thailand, India and Australia as well. We also work with partner companies so that we can implement solutions for our global customers and currently have partners in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore and Canada. Through the use of technology, our ambition is to continuously grow our customers and our employees.

What we do.

At Balloon, we hold firm to a pragmatic approach.  We only provide solutions that deliver tangible results for our wholesale distributor, ecommerce and retail clients. We provide a platform for growth for your distribution business, with integrated technology solutions across the entire supply chain, delivering a fully integrated and optimised distribution operation for your business. Partner with us, draw on our end-to-end supply chain expertise and benefit from effective solutions that provide real value and growth for your business.

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