Delivery does not begin and end in the warehouse. It starts when the customer is placing an order and ends when they receive the parcel – and maybe after that, if a return becomes necessary. Delivery touches many departments in your company: the web team, marketing, customer services, telesales, suppliers and – yes – the warehouse.

MetaPack can manage the delivery every step of the way; a single solution enabling everyone in the supply chain to become more efficient. Because MetaPack is cloud-based, it is accessible from every step of the ordering and fulfilment process, and can therefore manage every aspect, from helping increase basket conversion on the web site to managing drop ship suppliers more effectively.

MetaPack enables you to ship FROM ANYWHERE, TO ANYWHERE, BY ANYONE.


  • Multiple Ship From Locations (Warehouses)

Do you ship from multiple locations, or via drop ship suppliers? Or maybe you use multiple carrier contracts for the same carrier, or fulfil for different brands from the same location? Whatever your reasons, you can divide your shipping into subsets and fulfil them in the way that works best for you. Each warehouse can have separate carriers, collection times, allocation rules and even users; but with a global view of all fulfilments available at management level.

  • MetaPack Options

Allow MetaPack to manage your delivery even before the customer has placed the order. Your web site can make a real time call to MetaPack while the customer is in the checkout. This means you can offer delivery options tailored to the customer’s situation, their address and what they are buying. Installing this feature (which requires no API development) gives you access to all manner of innovative and premium services, including click & collect, locker boxes, nominated and same day services.

  • Various Data transfer methods

While there are a huge number of platforms with pre-existing integrations to MetaPack, you may be working with one that is not yet integrated, or have a bespoke system. In these cases it is usually possible to extract order data from your system, which you can manually import into MetaPack (at no extra cost). Or you can use our FTP scheduler to automate the data import process.

Reduce cost:

  • Increase the likelihood of first time delivery by offering a range of delivery choices to suit your customers
  • Separate shipping by channel, physical shipping location, supplier – and have different carriers and allocation rules in each location
  • Maintain your customer facing options and fulfilment rules in a single interface – so there is never a disconnect
  • Choose from a variety of methods to bring your transaction data into MetaPack, and extract data from it. CSV format text files (manual import or via FTP) or web service APIs: find the method that works best for you, or make use of one of the many plug and play integrations from our partner platforms, such as Magento, Sage and eBay

Increase Revenue:

  • Customer emails can be branded differently in each ship from location
  • MetaPack can customise the checkout experience of the consumer, offering real-time & achievable delivery options
  • Increase basket conversion by offering greater delivery choice to your customers