Think of all the different things that can happen to a parcel once it leaves your premises – for example, “transferred from depot to hub”, “out for delivery”, “lost”, “damaged”, “left with a neighbour” – wouldn’t it be great to have all this information to hand?

  • Wouldn’t it be great to know when a delivery was late before your customer tells you?
  • How about automatically sending an email to the customer when a certain status is reached – like “out for delivery” or “delivered”?
  • And what about enabling your customers to track their own parcels without leaving your website?

You can do all this and more with MetaPack.


  • Standardised consignment tracking enquiries
  • MetaPack Manager Report Suite
  • MetaTrack (web-based tracking module)
  • Status Emails
  • MetaPack Retail Intelligence Report Suite

Reduce Cost:

  • Track parcels from a single interface
  • Build custom reports; work with accurate carrier performance data; identify ways to improve your blend of carriers and services

Increase Revenue:

  • Offer your customers a uniform tracking experience across your carriers
  • Provide your customers with accurate and timely information