2018 State of eCommerce Delivery Report – North American Insights

What you will learn in the whitepaper...

State of eCommerce Delivery 2018 - north american insights

Providing deep insights into what consumers want when it comes to delivery, the 2018 State of eCommerce Delivery Consumer Research Report: North American Insights, examines how the delivery choices shoppers encounter influence the online purchasing decisions they make.

This report reveals how today’s US and Canadian consumers increasingly expect to be able to curate their own delivery experience – determining exactly when, where and how they receive their online purchases including which carrier is trusted with the delivery of their goods.

Key Findings:

  • 61% of US and 68% of Canadian shoppers said free delivery is their top consideration for the majority of purchases they make
  • 81% of US and 69% of the Canadian shoppers we surveyed expect to pay extra for a one-hour, same day, next day or Sunday delivery
  • 91% of US and 82% of Canadian respondents surveyed had purchased online goods from a luxury brand in the last 12 months