After another strong month, volume growth in the UK e-retail market is up 15.5% cumulatively on last year.

Next day and specified day delivery services now handle most orders although with potential implications on quality of service levels.

Consumer confidence in the UK is keeping average baskets values higher than in previous years, supported by the continued strength of the euro which is encouraging European shoppers.


However, the relative weakening of other major currencies during May has slowed down both volume and value to non-EU destinations.

The IMRG Metapack UK Delivery Index has been designed to enable the e-retail industry to track a range of key benchmark metrics for the first time including parcel volumes, order values, delivery services employed and destinations served. The data is derived from dispatches from more than 220 retailers and now represents more than 6 million orders in any single month and £4 billion order value in any 12 months.