• As we approach the end of 2016 the volume of orders dispatched by UK retailers is exactly as expected and tracking slightly above our 12% year-on-year forecast.
  • Average basket values are generally falling although Non-EU destinations seem to be more resilient, because their currencies seem to be stronger than the euro against sterling.
  • In the UK, the use of Next Day delivery has reduced as a proportion of all deliveries, as expected at this time of year but is still higher than in previous years.

The IMRG Metapack UK Delivery Index is designed to enable the e-retail industry to track a range of key benchmark metrics including parcel volumes, order values, delivery services employed and destinations served.  The information presented is aggregated from a consistent sample of Metapack’s extensive dataset, covering over 200 retailers and an average of more than 6m orders in any one month representing £4b in order value in any 12-month period.