Welcome to our Black Friday week review! We will be revealing the year-on-year uplift, an interesting trend for this year and where you can find even more Peak data.

This year’s numbers indicate a successful week and significant growth for retailers and brands on the Metapack platform. Our Black Friday week shipments were up 35% on last year, of which Black Friday and Cyber Monday shipments increased by 40% and 19% respectively. This shows an uplift of 60% on the previous week, confirming that the current economic climate has not deterred people from shopping, and making the most of pre-Christmas deals.

The use of Delivery Options — our unique, personalised delivery options product — was up 41% on Cyber Monday and Black Friday since last year. And, in total, there was a 29% increase during Cyber Weekend from last year. This highlights that more and more consumers are looking to see which delivery options are available to them during peak, something we know is of great importance to them. Our research shows that 77% of global consumers say free delivery at peak online sales periods would encourage consumers to buy more online and a choice of multiple delivery options is ranked closely behind this as a top incentive during peak time.

Alongside successful growth, our platform volume shows an interesting trend this year. Our data highlights that many retailers brought forward their promotional activity, which we can infer is due to a later Black Friday and less trading time before Christmas.

Make sure you are following our Peak Profile Index, which tracks the performance of a sample set of eCommerce customers over the Peak period and compares this data year-on-year since 2014. Our weekly analysis, including sector uplift and service trends, is available on the Metapack blog.