Welcome to our update on Peak season, covering the weekend of 6th December to 9th December.

As in previous weeks, we have used our sample of 200 retailers to indicate any trends for this year’s peak season. And, using the tracker you can easily compare the results to previous years.

The split of orders showed a 4% reduction in international volume and increase in domestic. Standard/Economy service was up 6% on last weekend, causing a 5% drop in Next Day volume.

As per last weekend, the top destination countries were US, Ireland and France.

Again, the retailer category that had the most uplift was Health & Beauty and Jewellery/Watches. Similarly, there was much consistency with the sectors that had the least uplift — Toys & Games and Pets.

Belfast was the city with the highest volume, followed closely by Birmingham and Glasgow.

Overall, you can see that there are some trends emerging in the data, particularly when it comes to sector uplift. The type of service split and international volume varies on a weekly basis and there is consistently around top destination countries and city volume.