Welcome to our update on Peak season, covering the weekend of 20th to 23rd December. We are getting close to Christmas time, and have some impressive numbers to share with you!

During this weekend we saw a platform increase of 22%, the split of orders was 73% domestic and 27% international. Next day delivery was at an all-time high with 60% of all orders involved Next Day delivery, this was up 17% on last weekend.

The top destination countries were U.S., Ireland and France.

The retailer category that has had the most uplift was Food & Beverages at 72%. For the first time this peak season, Household Goods, up 67%. In contrast, the categories that saw the biggest decline were similarly Toys & Games and Pets, with Toys & Games repeatedly being one of the least popular services this year.

Finally, Birmingham was the city with the highest volume, followed by Glasgow. Last weekend’s winner, Belfast, was only 4th this time — highlighting that there are significant changes on a weekly basis.

Our Peak tracker is showing significant year-on-year growth, so make sure you are following it’s progress.

Finally, everyone at Metapack wishes you a wonderful holiday season.