Welcome to our update on Peak season, covering the weekend of 13th to 16th December. We hope you enjoyed our deep-dive into Black Friday week.

During the weekend, the split of orders was 67% domestic and 33% international. Next day delivery was at an all-time high with 42% of all orders involved Next Day delivery. As we get closer to Christmas, and consumers want their orders urgently, we will see this trend continue.

The top destination country was Ireland, which shows some variety – in previous weeks U.S. has dominated, with Ireland or France in second place.

The retailer category that has had the most uplift, for the first time this peak season, was Food & Beverages. We can infer this is because consumers are getting ready for their Christmas feasts. In contrast, the categories that saw the biggest decline were similarly Toys & Games and Pets, with Toys & Games repeatedly being one of the least popular services this year.

Finally, Belfast was the city with the highest volume, followed closely by Birmingham.

Our Peak tracker is showing significant year-on-year growth, so make sure you are following it’s progress as we get closer to Christmas.