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MetaPack on the BBC Breakfast couch discussing innovation in the delivery experience

Today, Which?, the UK consumer champion, announced a new survey of its members that called on retailers to stamp out on dodgy deliveries and do more to improve the delivery experience.

Angela O’Connell, Marketing and Strategy Director, MetaPack responded: “Which? is right to raise the issue of how important delivery is to the whole online retail experience but retailers aren’t deaf to the need to give consumers more choice and control over deliveries. UK retailers and delivery carriers are working together to innovate to meet the constantly evolving consumer demands. Sunday service is an example of the industry listening to consumers’ demand for more flexibility and we expect to see similar initiatives take off.

The challenge for retailers is to keep momentum and innovation high and to continue to look for ways to better serve online shoppers. UK eCommerce is at the beginning of an exciting journey and the speed of change and growth in the industry will be incredible and make the industry here world-leading in customer experience.

Alternative delivery methods such as lockers and Click & Collect put the control in the shoppers hands as they provide more choice and convenience on when to receive their delivery and what is the best way to collect it

UK eCommerce is truly a collaborative industry and improving delivery experience will require retailers to encourage innovation across the whole value chain: from the online shopping experience, through to speed of delivery and introducing more flexible delivery options”