Manhattan Integration
Manhattan Integration

Integrate your Supply Chain without Losing Time

The benefits of synching warehouse operations and delivery management are clear – a wider choice of delivery options and more frictionless end-to-end service for your customers; and more streamlined order fulfilment. The challenge for retailers has been the time and effort involved in building and maintaining bespoke integrations. However, the External Parcel Integration linking the Manhattan and Metapack platforms allows users to connect their combined functionalities in as little as 2-4 weeks.

Manhattan Integration


How it works

The integration between Manhattan’s Warehouse Management System and Metapack’s Delivery Management platform allows retailers to create one seamless supply chain solution, out of the box and free of charge.

Key Benefits

A fully supported connector available FOC to Manhattan / Metapack customers.

Enables rapid implementations of Metapack DM alongside Manhattan’s WMOS WMS with minimal work for the customer.

For Metapack customers selecting a new WMS, Manhattan’s WMOS solution will work with Metapack out of the box.

For Manhattan customers selecting a new delivery management solution, Manhattan’s WMOS solution will work with Metapack out of the box.

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