A Retailer’s Guide to Returns

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Consumer behaviour is changing and returns are on the rise. Returns are an essential part of the post-purchase experience, and should be simple, easy and convenient. Retailers and brands need to ensure they can provide a superior returns experience across the globe that drives customer loyalty and repeat business.

Failure to implement a successful returns management strategy can negatively impact margins and business costs, but with the right approach, returns can be an opportunity to compete and provide a differentiated customer experience.

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  • The future of the returns: the current landscape, where we’re headed and how to overcome some of the most complex challenges
  • Consumer expectations: consumers evaluate a company’s return policy before even shopping on their site, and want flexible returns channels, a seamless online experience and clear tracking information
  • The building blocks for a winning returns strategy: a simple and clear returns policy, flexible returns options that suit local consumer preferences and fast returns that get refunds back to customers quickly

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