Consumer expectations are now higher than ever when it comes to delivery. A critical challenge for retailers and brands is how to innovate to provide a differentiated customer delivery experience. The answer? Ship from Store.

What is Ship from Store?

Ship from Store is a fulfilment process where retailers and brands use stores to fulfil orders.

The Ship from Store model allows retailers and brands to better use their physical store network. By populating the distribution network stores become mini-warehouses, enabling retailers to provide rapid delivery services.

Increase conversion

Stock coverage is crucial to reduce basket abandonment. Consumers want their chosen product to be in stock, whether they are shopping in store or online. Failing to provide stock will result in unsatisfied customers or give competitors more opportunity. Ship from Store solves this problem by being physically close to the customer. In areas where warehouses are located far away from stores, this works particularly well.

Improve Inventory optimisation

Stock sitting on shelves for too long is every retailer’s nightmare. In a physical store, this is often down to goods not being obvious to customers browsing in-store. Ship from Store means an item can be picked to fulfil an online order.

Lower shipping costs

Consumers receiving their goods more quickly and retailers saving on shipping costs? Sounds like a win-win to us. Increasing Ship from Store operations also reduces costs in warehouses and removes the necessity to transfer stock from stores to warehouses before sending to other stores or to the consumer.

A final word

Investing in Ship from Store puts physical retailers back in the driving seat, allowing them to deliver a scalable, maintainable solution so they can compete with the likes of Amazon, reduce their outgoings and fully maximise the value generated by stock within their stores.

Want to know more? Download this handy infographic, or read our whitepaper Putting Stores Back to Work.