Introducing CarrierMatch

Easily select from the largest collection of carrier services in the world.

Take the hassle out of carrier selection.

Ecommerce shipping can be confusing. So many countries. So many carriers. So many services. Luckily, Metapack has done all the heavy lifting for you. Using our exclusive CarrierMatch tool, Metapack will connect you with the largest collection of carrier services in over 200 countries based on your delivery criteria.

Check out the powerful features of CarrierMatch:


  • Search over 400 carriers and 4,900 carrier services in over 200 countries
  • See all carriers that service a specific region based on their delivery needs
  • Find the fastest courier for international deliveries in any country
  • Search both international and domestic services by carrier
  • Search carriers by origin, destination, and service types such as Same Day, Next Day and Economy delivery.
  • Filter by weight, time/day defined delivery, Saturday delivery, or Delivery Duty Paid (DDP)
  • Get search results that identify “Certified” carriers, providing support and “Retailer-Ready” service
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