Welcome to our first update on Peak season!

Every week we will be updating you on the trends we are seeing every weekend during Peak season; order volume, split of orders, retailer categories and city volume.

The weekend of 9th to 12th was up 1% compared to last year.

The split of orders was 65% domestic and 35% international according to volume. The most popular service was Standard/Economy, which was 57% of parcel volume. Next Day delivery was 40% of volume. The top international destination countries were US, Ireland and Australia.

The retailer category that has had the most uplift is Health & Beauty (32%), Gifts (22%) and Furniture (19%). The categories that saw the biggest decline where Pets and Toys & Games. The decline in sales of Toys & Games has also been in the news this week, highlight the accuracy of our data.

Birmingham was the city with the highest volume, narrowly followed by Belfast and Manchester. Glasglow was the fourth highest town for volume. Finally, South East London is the top London area for volume.

As we get closer to Black Friday, we can expect to see an increase in volume. There will also be more change in uplift in retailer category. Don’t miss next week’s blog for reporting on how the weekend went.

Make sure you are following our Peak page to keep up to date with our Peak Profile Index. This is a visual representation of how a sample set of our eCommerce customers (retailers and brands) perform over the Peak period. We index all volumes from the beginning of September to show their relative growth during peak which allows for year on year industry comparisons.