Welcome back to our latest update on the Peak season!

The weekend of 7th to 10th December was up 4% compared to last year, showing that consumers are busier than ever buying goods.

The split of order volume was 69% domestic and 31% international. Last week international volume was particularly high at 34%, whereas this weekend the rate of international volume was more in line with what we have been seeing throughout Peak.

Service types

The most popular services were exactly the same as last weekend; Standard (61%), Next Day (35%) and Saturday (2%). This is consistent with previous weeks, where numbers have tended to hover around 61-63% for Standard.

Top destinations during Peak

The top destination countries were US, Ireland and France. This has been consistent throughout the reports. The top UK town was not Belfast this weekend! Birmingham got the spot as the top UK town for volume. It is intriguing to see if another city will beat them. Will Glasgow (currently third in the charts), beat Birmingham and Belfast before Peak season is over? Again, South East London remains the top London area for volume.

Don’t miss next week’s blog for reporting on how the weekend went.

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