Christmas holiday gift boxes on wooden table


Welcome to our update on Peak season, covering the weekend of 29th November to 2nd December — otherwise known as cyber weekend!

We saw a 23% uplift in our volume based on a sample of 200 retailers. The split of orders was 64% domestic and 36% international, a 6% reduction on domestic volume since last weekend. The most popular service was Standard/Economy at 54%, but Next Day delivery volume edged closer after increasing by 6% to 40%.

As per last weekend, the top destination countries were US, Ireland and France.

The retailer category that has had the most uplift is Health & Beauty and Furniture. In contrast, the categories that saw the biggest decline were Toys & Games and Pets, with Toys & Games repeatedly being one of the least popular services this year.

Birmingham was the city with the highest volume, followed closely by Belfast and Glasgow.