Here is the Peak report for the weekend of 9th-12th November.

The industry with the greatest uplift from last year is Gifts (64%). Pets and Books came in closely with a 27% and 20% uplift respectively. Furniture and clothing retailers have also seen significant uplift. The area with the lowest uplift was household goods.

The majority of the volume (63%) was Domestic.

The majority of service split is Standard (60%) and Next day (35%). As we get closer to the holiday season we anticipate there will be more increase in next day and weekend delivery.

The top UK towns outside of London for volume are Birmingham, Belfast and Glasgow. South East London had the highest volumes in the capital.

Remember to keep following our Peak Profile Index to see the growth during Peak season and to compare to previous years. The Carrier Heat Map will also let you track how the top UK carriers perform throughout the Peak period. Take a look.

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