We recently hosted a webinar discussing the findings from the 2018 State of eCommerce Delivery: Metapack Consumer Research Report. This report surveyed 3,597 consumers in Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK and the US. We focused on the key findings from our research, addressing fast and flexible delivery, international shopping, consumer loyalty and going luxe and going green.

During the webinar, we received many questions on the report itself. Below, we’ve compiled some of the most interesting questions we received:

  1. Are people willing to pay for a delivery subscription in order to get their “free” deliveries?

74% of consumers would like the eCommerce sites they use regularly to provide a delivery loyalty programme. And almost 20% of consumers say they’re more than prepared to pay a monthly fee if that means securing unlimited next-day delivery on all their online orders.

  1. Are consumers willing to wait for their delivery if the delivery if free?

Speed is key for consumers. However, looking closely at the results we see that 62% identified free delivery as their top priority, but 20% identified fast delivery as their top priority. So free is more important than speed. From this perspective we can say yes, consumers will wait if delivery is free – but not for long.

  1. As the trends change year on year, what can a retailer do to keep up with these increasing demands of consumers?

Retailers must be ready and willing to adapt to changes in consumer attitudes and demands. Of course, this has always been the case for retail – and any industry in fact. But for delivery, it is important to be flexible, and give consumers flexible delivery options. If retailers give consumers a range of delivery options then they will have a better chance of keeping up with what their customers want.

Retailers and brands should consider the case for more innovative ways to do delivery that are increasingly popular and would help them stand out- such as combined loyalty programmes or one-hour delivery.

  1. It seems the consumers’ wish to choose is more to do with avoiding carriers they have had problems with and less to do with carriers’ investments in the consumer relationship. Is that fair?

Consumers have abandoned their shopping baskets at all types of sites after being allocated a carrier that has always let them down.  Globally, 41% say the freedom to choose a last-mile carrier is very or somewhat important to them – and in the US, 31% of shoppers view this facility as a deal-breaker. We would infer the high percentage has more to do with simply not disappointing customers.

  1. What about last mile green deliveries options?

Many consumers are attracted to having consolidated deliveries– 62% said that the convenience of receiving all their goods in one go was an attractive proposition – and in particular, 76% of shoppers in Spain highlighted this as the top benefit.

  1. Do you know the percentage of customers who are willing to pay a monthly subscription fee for next day delivery and fast pick up returns?

19% of consumers say they’re more than prepared to pay a monthly fee if that means securing unlimited next-day delivery on all their online orders.

  1. What are the main difference you see between different regions in western markets?

There is no one trend that sums up a country, but we have seen there are differences in preferences. For example, Spanish shoppers (58%) were most enticed at the prospect of exchanging their shopping loyalties in return for preferential member services – and they were also highly interested in a delivery loyalty programme where multiple retailers and brands work together to offer a premium delivery service (73%). In the US only 23% of shoppers had opted for a PUDO, significantly lower than the global 39%. We will be sharing a North American Markets Insight Report, and overviews of each of the European countries which should provide more insight.

  1. What should be the primary focus for 2019?

61% of consumers say a positive delivery experience incentivises them to shop with an e-tailer again. The primary focus for retailers and brands in 2019 is to ensure that they give their customers a positive delivery experience. Focus on providing fast and flexible delivery options.

For more information, watch the full webinar here.