Established in 2009, Pierce AB is a leading eCommerce operator with some of the most recognised online retail brands in the motorcycle and snowmobile industry. With a local presence in 16 European markets and an estimated 800,000 parcels going out this year alone, Pierce AB continues its ambitious growth. Switzerland and the Czech Republic are the latest additions to the company’s growing list of coverage areas, and a new dot-com presence – offering worldwide shipping – is currently in the works.

By providing a single integrated and stable delivery management system, Metapack plays an important role in Pierce AB’s global expansion efforts. Pierce AB increased the number of carriers from 4 to 13, extended their reach and improved customer service in record time; but most importantly, they can now meet customer expectations no matter where in the world they happen to be.

Make Delivery Your Competitive Advantage

  • Easily expand to international markets with the world's largest label library
  • Increase conversion and reduce cart abandonment with dynamic delivery options
  • Use your stores to deliver and return your products