Metapack selected to support global delivery and returns operations for Nespresso

Metapack’s Delivery Manger, Delivery Options, Delivery Tracker, Delivery Intelligence and Returns Portal to be deployed globally

Metapack, the global leader in ecommerce delivery technology, today announced that it was selected to run global shipping and returns services for Nespresso in order to enhance its consumer experience. The partnership will see Metapack’s Delivery Manager, Delivery Options, Delivery Tracker, Delivery Intelligence and Returns Portal implemented across Nespresso markets.

Metapack will provide Nespresso with a global standardized suite of products as it streamlines delivery and returns operations around the world. Metapack will also remove the complexities around carrier integrations and management for Nespresso. Through its shipping API, Metapack will manage and maintain integrations and provide Nespresso with access to its vast library of carriers and delivery services.

“Nespresso choosing to utilize Metapack’s technology across its entire global shipping and returns ecosystem, is a true testament to the strength, innovation and capabilities of the solutions that we have created,” said Bruce Fair, CRO at Metapack. “Through our platform, Nespresso will have access to the world’s largest carrier library, providing them with more choice and services, while our options, tracking, intelligence and returns solutions will significantly strengthen their customer experience capabilities and allow them to fulfil on their delivery promise. “

Delivery Manager: Access to 350+ carriers and 4,000+ delivery service
Metapack’s Delivery Manager enables easy access the world’s largest carrier network from a single integration, providing more delivery choices for each market, while removing the need for costly multiple integrations. Using Delivery Manager, Nespresso is also able to intelligently select the right delivery service for each order, and quickly generate carrier compliant labels and customs documents for all shipments.

Delivery Options: Accurate fulfilment promises
Metapack’s Delivery Option provides Nespresso with the ability to present the right delivery options to consumers at the checkout. From next day to nominated day and click and collect, the introduction of convenient services not only boosts consumer experience but also drives additional revenue through website conversions by ensuring consumers are presented with accurate fulfilment dates for each order.

Delivery Tracker: Enhance the post-ship experience
Metapack’s Delivery Tracker allows Nespresso to offer its customers with a branded tracking portal designed to improve the post-ship consumer experience and increase consumer lifetime value. Importantly, Delivery Tracker will reduce costly where is my order calls (WISMO) calls for Nespresso as it provides their customers with a frictionless experience that easily allows them to track every stage of the delivery journey.

Delivery Intelligence: Access real-time analytics
Metapack’s Delivery Intelligence gives Nespresso completely visibility in its delivery performance. Nespresso is able to analyze its shipping operations in real-time and resolve any issues, from warehouse activity to delivery networks and carrier performance, to ensure that it meets on its delivery promise to customers.

Returns Portal: Efficient returns across 350,000+ locations
Metapack’s Returns Portal enables Nespresso to automate its returns process and reduce costly customer support calls by offering convenient options to ship and track returns. With access to over 350,000 pick-up/drop off (PUDO) locations, Nespresso is able to further enhance its returns experience as consumers are able to choose from a range of different locations for greater convivence. Nespresso is also able to obtain more insight into returns before they reach the warehouse. This provides customers with more efficiency when it comes to returns and allows Nespresso to make smarter inventory, procurement and marketing decisions.

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