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the delivery conference 2019

Highlights From TDC Global

TDC Global 2019 was a massive success and we can’t wait for TDC Global 2020! For the first time ever MetaPack live-streamed talks from the biggest event in eCommerce delivery and below you can read a summary of each session recorded.

Alongside each presentation summary, you’ll also find a link to the Slide Share presentations. If you are just looking for the video presentations then they can also be found here.

Session 1 – Morning Presentations

Patrick Wall, Founder, MetaPack – Welcome and Trends in Delivery from MetaPack

Patrick Wall, MetaPack Founder, opened TDC by discussing the pace of change in the current retail environment. Against a backdrop of political uncertainty and turbulence on the high street, he was keen to highlight this is an auspicious time for retailers able to provide a superior customer experience. He highlighted the growth Marketplaces are seeing, citing consistent customer experience as the reason for this. Patrick highlighted research into consumer preferences from MetaPack’s 2018 State of eCommerce Delivery Consumer Research Report.

Patrick Wall, TDC Global

Howard Saunders, Retail Futurist, Twenty-second and fifth from MetaPack

Howard Saunders, Retail Futurist, provided an engaging insight into the challenges facing retailers now and in the future. Howard made interesting predictions for how Big Data will be leveraged in the coming years. He highlighted how stores will become places to connect, rather than traditional places to buy goods. He shared examples of e-tailers disrupting the environment through innovation, often using pop-up stores and concept stores to add to the brand experience.

Xuan Jin, Lead Solutions Architect, Alibaba from MetaPack

Up next was Xuan Jin from Alibaba, to discuss Connected Retail. He focused on how technologies including AI and IoT could improve the customer experience, especially during Peak times. He provided insight into the decision-making behind Alibaba owned HEMA stores. This includes technologies such as barcode scanning and payments via mobile phones.

xuan jin TDC Global

Professor Matthew Goodwin, University of Kent/Chatham House from MetaPack

Professor Matthew Goodwin gave a timely and interesting discussion on Brexit, outlining the various possibilities and impact. He gave insight into the political landscape to assert that volatility will become increasingly normal.

Martijn Bertisen, UK Sales Director, Google from MetaPack

Martijn Bertisen from Google discussed the tension between wanting choices and having too much choice. He highlighted the accelerating use of data. He gave examples of how retailers can connect with consumers to provide a differentiated customer experience.

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Session 1 – eCommerce & Customer Experience: Global eCommerce

Graeme Carter, Group VP Global Order Fulfillment & Distribution, Avon from MetaPack

A long established beauty business, Avon are transforming to reach more millennials and new customers. Graeme Carter shared how Avon is developing a unique experience for both customers and Avon representatives. He discussed how the supply chain is used to drive Avon’s customer experience.

Mike Richmond, Chief Commercial Officer, Doddle from MetaPack

Mike Richmond, from Doddle gave a presentation focusing on creating emotional experiences in delivery. He highlighted how retailers can use aspects of delivery, such as delivery options and packaging, to do this. Mike gave examples of retailers who are already successful at doing this, such as Haribo bags in Wiggle deliveries.

Emma Mead, Group Omni Channel Director, Holland and Barrett from MetaPack

Holland and Barrett’s Emma Mead talked us through their approach to the customer delivery experience. Emma described the retailer’s approach to segmenting customers to ensure the customer journey and delivery is suitable for all. Finally, Emma gave useful insight into providing a consistent customer delivery experience across different geographies.

Bruce Harryman, Senior Manager Distribution Network Planning, John Lewis & Partners from MetaPack

John Lewis’ Bruce Harryman discussed Online Demand Planning. Bruce provided interesting insight into when people make purchases on the John Lewis website. He showed the peak times and devices used for different types of purchases throughout the day.

Steve Oliver, CEO & Founder, Music Magpie (the world's largest seller on Amazon & eBay) from MetaPack

Steve Oliver from Music Magpie talked us through the growth of the company. He discussed the challenges of being a high volume outbound logistics services. Finally, he discussed how the business has transitioned from focusing on recycling music to recycling phones to remain competitive.

Neil MacGowan, Director, Digital Intelligence, EMEA, New Relic from MetaPack

Neil McLauchlan from eBay discussed how they help sellers to get online and reach new markets. He highlighted the need for retailers to increase delivery speed, increase tracking and provide more delivery options. He discussed ways eBay are using technology to provide a superior customer experience, such as AI enable image search.

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Session 3 – eCommerce & Customer Experience: Opportunities and Challenges

Julia Bindley, Partner & Operations Director, not on the high street from MetaPack

Julia Bindley from Not On The High Street highlighted the importance of creating an emotional experience in the gift marketplace. Not On The High Street’s partners are small business and crafts people who create unique products. She explained how Not On The High Street support their partners to help them offer a competitive delivery that adds to the gifting experience.

julia bindley tdc global


MetaPack presentation, Duncan Licence, VP, Global Solutions and New Products, MetaPack from MetaPack

MetaPack’s Duncan Licence discussed how retailers and brands can give drive customer loyalty through a consistent customer experience. He gave insights from MetaPack research to highlight what customers want when it comes to delivery and how this can be implemented. Finally, he discussed the importance of the post-purchase experience, including Returns.

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