Happy New Year!

In 2019 we shared a lot of resources help retailers and brands provide a superior customer delivery experience. Below are our most popular pieces of content. Make sure you haven’t missed anything!

  1. Report — Delivery Options Benchmark

One of the most popular pieces resources last year was our Delivery Options Benchmark. The Benchmark provides insight into the range of delivery options provided by 52 global retailers and brands in the UK, US, France, Germany, Spain and Canada. Did you know that 58% of global consumers have purchased from one retailer’s website over another because of their delivery options? And, 70% of global consumers say they are willing to pay more for an expedited delivery service. So, you need to understand Delivery Options.


  1. Webinar — How Delivery Options can differentiate your business

Following on from the report, our Delivery Options webinar was very popular. In it, Duncan Licence, Global VP Product, Metapack, deep dives into the findings from the benchmark, so that you can build brand differentiation and loyalty by providing the targeted and personalised delivery choices consumers expect.


  1. eBook — A Retailer’s Guide to Returns: Determining a Winning Strategy

Last year Returns were — and still are — a hot topic. Our eBook is the tool to determine the right returns strategy for your business. And by doing so, you can reduce the costs of managing the customer returns experience, while driving sales, increasing customer loyalty and reducing basket abandonment. The eBook highlights what consumers expect when it comes to returns, the returns channels and how to provide a seamless online experience. Finally, it provides you with the building blocks for a winning returns strategy: a simple and clear returns policy, flexible returns options that suit local consumer preferences and fast returns that get refunds back to customers quickly.


  1. Webinar — Getting Returns right: How to make your returns experience exceptional

Retailers and brands need to get the returns experience right to reduce basket abandonment, increase conversion and increase customer loyalty. 41% of consumers say they sometimes or often purchases multiple products online knowing they will return some or all of them. Our webinar will enable you to reduce your reverse supply chain costs and provide a differentiated returns experience.


  1. Video — Howard Saunders: Brands on the Run

Howard Saunder’s talk at TDC Global was our most downloaded live-stream from the event. As a leading Retail Futurist, he understands the current and future challenges facing both eCommerce and bricks and mortar retailers. Throughout his talk he shares examples of retailers who are disrupting the industry, and guidance on hot-topics such as AI and robotics. This high-energy, inspiring talk is not one to be missed!