Consumer Research


With the internet fast becoming the shopping destination of choice for consumers, leading retailers, brands and marketplaces cannot afford to become complacent about the role delivery management plays in their strategies.

Because when it comes to winning and keeping customers, delivery has the power to make or break the online shopping experience. Indeed, our research confirms that the delivery options


Consumer Research Stats1

of consumers bought goods from one online merchant over another because the delivery options were more convenient for their needs

expect delivery options to be displayed on the product page

of consumers say delivery defines who they always shop with

Consumer Research Stats2

will never shop again with an online merchant following a negative delivery experience

purchased more items to take advantage of a minimum spend ‘free delivery’ option

had changed the delivery date/location of their order post despatch; a further 50% said if this option had been available to them, they’d have made use of it


As delivery interactions in mature eCommerce markets continue to evolve and diversify, convenience and personalisation are going up the list of priorities on the consumer delivery agenda.

As this year’s research clearly indicates, online providers that break delivery promises will pay the price – as far as consumers are concerned, getting the basics of delivery right is now non-negotiable.

Say hello to the ‘anytime, anything, anywhere’ customer who expects to utilise the delivery option that best satisfies their immediate purchase requirements.

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