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Selling overseas offers a huge market opportunity, so we aim to lower the barriers to entry, minimise complexity and ease your access into these markets through a turnkey solution. Our MetaPack Manager platform seamlessly links your business to international carriers and direct injection solutions, taking care of everything from customs clearance to local language customer communications.

For logistics help in entering into new geographical regions, we’d love to be your sounding board, as we’re able to provide agnostic, unbiased advice as you expand your business overseas. Our MetaPack Manager platform supports all trade lanes, with particular strength and depth in intra-Europe, US to Europe, China to Europe, import to Russia and import to Australia. We can facilitate delivery to and from any of the 200 countries already on the platform, and for many trade lanes we provide up to 40 carrier options.

As you conduct more and more eCommerce internationally, a translation layer will help provide transparency throughout the shipping process. Our MetaPack Manager platform tailors communications to address customer service representatives and consumers according to local language preferences. Translations appear on the platform interface, labels, tracking data and customer documentation.

Talk to us about putting these into place to help your business extend overseas.

Key Features

  • Despatch from anywhere to anywhere in the world through a virtual supply chain

  • Translate application and services into any language

  • Automate all international customs documentation

  • Integrate with over 200 final-mile carriers and 3,500 carrier services

  • Cover all international markets, including US, Australia, Brazil, Greater China and Russia