Guest Podcast from Chloe Thomas of eCommerce Masterplan

Last week I attended the MetaPack’s “The Delivery Conference” in London. It was a fascinating day listening to some of the UK’s (and world’s) biggest retailers explain what they’re up to and how they got to where they are. Including ASOS, Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, and House of Fraser.

Last week was the first time I’d been to The Delivery Conference – it’s always been on the list, but after several of our Experts recommended it I thought I ought to make the effort this year.

In this podcast I’ll be running through:

  • My overall thoughts about the conference
  • Key delivery lessons learnt
  • Other non-delivery lessons – inc “It’s all about the customer” lessons
  • The Christmas 2015 feedback, including Black Friday
  • 2016 delivery success – what do you need to do?

The conference was focused mainly on the enterprise level eCommerce retailer, but there were a few great takeaways for the smaller online retailer (plus lots of nuggets) and those are what I’m running through in the podcast.


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