The latest figures suggest that global eCommerce is growing at 15% year on year with the Cross Border component contributing an even more significant uplift, this comes at a time when most postal parcel volumes are only growing at around 3 to 7% per annum.

Post is losing market share.

The explosive growth in Cross Border eCommerce is bringing all contributors in the supply chain into direct contact with one another and challenging the status quo in a way we haven’t seen before.

MetaPack’s International Vice President Tom Forbes’ article on Competition and Cooperation in cross border trade explains that no post can now act in isolation, as increasingly all actors must strive to connect across the complex supply chain.

Tom’s review is part of a new book release by Derek Osborne: Reinventing the Post, which explores how the postal sector is changing in order to meet the new challenges that lie ahead. It is also a call to action for the whole sector to take up a major role in global leadership as they are vulnerable to extinction.