Fulfillment of online orders continues to be a challenge for retailers. Retailers are beginning to acknowledge the significant impact fulfillment has on customer satisfaction and repeat purchase, yet the customer experience is in the hands of their carrier partners.

In this study, Forrester conducted an online survey of 101 retailers across France, Germany, and the UK, supplemented with 10 in-depth phone interviews with executives in eCommerce, marketing, logistics, and supply chain, with knowledge of the fulfillment operations of their organization. Forrester found that retailers closely monitor the impact of delivery options on customer satisfaction and expect customers to demand even greater flexibility — the ability to choose between speed, convenience, and cost of delivery — over the next few years.

Key findings:

  • Delivery options have a direct impact on key customer metrics, including repeat purchase.
  • Customer satisfaction is a top success metric for fulfillment.
  • Retailers are investing in delivery options, anticipating a shift in customer expectation.
  • Retailers tend to work with multiple carriers.