Patrick Wall MetaPack

Patrick Wall


Patrick Wall is the Founder of MetaPack which he incorporated in November 1999. Patrick brings over 30 years’ experience in distribution operations, consulting, sales and marketing to his role where he is responsible for strategic initiatives, the carrier platform and carrier strategy as well as being the senior sponsor for many of the company’s leading customer and carrier relationships.

Previous positions that Patrick has held during his career include Operations Director and General Manager for ICS, a national carrier delivering over 100 million items a year. He was placed in this position by 3i to assist with the post leveraged buy-out and where he completed operational turn around and sold the business to Hays plc. in 1996. With Hays DX, specialist courier network, Patrick was Managing Director of all fulfilment, pick and pack and international consolidation operations. Prior to this, he was an Engagement Consultant for McKinsey Inc where he worked with retailers and consumer goods organisations in Europe and China. Patrick began his career as a supplier for Cadbury Schweppes plc.