Carrier Performance Analytics

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MetaPack Retail Intelligence

Understanding delivery and carrier performance is key to driving operational efficiency, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

MetaPack monitors carriers around the world and enables retailers to access valuable data in real-time to generate bespoke, detailed reports. This functionality allows Operations and Customer Service teams to view and act upon vital, relevant delivery management and carrier performance information via a fully branded, location-aware dashboard.

Tracking the end-to-end journey of each and every parcel, MetaPack Retail Intelligence creates issue alerts, standard or tailored reports and invoices to ensure retailers fully understand and manage their carrier performance. This level of detail allows retailers to make data-driven decisions to ensure continued operational and cost efficiency, while guaranteeing a consistent delivery experience for customers.

With clear up-to-date reports and data, retailers can better manage delivery costs by enhancing the ability to make informed decisions about delivery options and carriers – based on accurate and reliable data. Retailers can access order tracking information in real-time and choose how to display it from a range of flexible templates, including data visualisation options. This comprehensive approach enables retailers to ensure they’re selecting the best carrier for every parcel, and continually understand delivery performance to ensure cost and operational efficiency, while giving shoppers the best possible delivery experience.

  • Get the full carrier performance picture
  • Faster & better decision-making based on accurate data
  • Identify opportunities for new markets supported by reliable analytics
  • Include data from other products including MetaPack Options and MetaPack Returns
  • Deliver your customer promise

Real-time Reports

Key Insights

Actionable KPI’s

laptop-RI-two-screensMetaPack Retail Intelligence helps retailers manage and analyse their data accurately and efficiently using relevant despatch data to produce reports that are simple to understand and act upon. 

Detailed reports help retailers better manage carriers and can also improve Customer Service by understanding incidents if and when they happen, and pro-actively contact customers when delivery issues are flagged in their region.

To further understand the overall delivery picture, retailers can access data based on market and competitors (anonymised) to compare delivery performance and identify key trends in chosen sectors.

Quick and easy to implement, MetaPack analytics do not require costly or time-consuming technical integration or data transfers.

Reports & Dashboards

  • Key Reports – Basic level of reporting
  • Enhanced Reports and Dashboards – KPI’s and actionable insights
  • Custom Reports & Dashboards – Generate custom reports and create bespoke dashboards
  • Business Intelligence – Full control over reports and dashboards
  • Predictive Reporting – Data analysis providing statistical insights into market and customer trends