When we can order a taxi from the street corner, we should also expect receiving deliveries to be just as convenient. As the delivery market evolves, being able to collect your parcel or have it delivered to ever more varied locations will increase.

This is the first Global Conference to explore the near term developments in Hyper-Personalised delivery, providing Convenience, Certainty and Control.

In conjunction with Parcelly and MetaPack, the day will cover a range of different topics.

Date: Wednesday 31st May

Location: Billiard & Exchange Rooms, St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

  • Socially and environmentally responsible delivery options (‘Green delivery’)
  • Consolidation and Increasing Drop Density to reduce cost
  • Hyper-Personalised collection locations
  • Hyper-local mini-warehousing for campaigns and flash sales
  • The future of Urban delivery regulation and the opportunities  

We look forward to welcoming you to this event.


N.B. We recommend Retailers & Brands send business representatives from both eCommerce and Logistics. If you are interested in attending, then please register.

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