Delivery Manager Refresh

We've got a cleaner, fresher look.

We have listened to your feedback around the Delivery Manager Interface and have begun the process of a thorough overhaul of the way the tool looks, feels and works. The first phase of this launch has been to improve the aesthetics of the site, with a new clean and uncluttered design.

Take a sneak peak at the new look and feel by logging in using your DM-Delta Credentials.

Release to Delta 8th March
Release to Production week commencing 12th March

The next phase of the launch will be to enhance the user experience of the site, making this easier to use, and to make everyday tasks that bit faster. We will focus on the usability and behaviour of key task flows and user journeys based on user insight. From the feedback we’ve gathered so far, we understand where there are areas for improvement. We will be addressing and reworking these key areas to make more measurable change to the overall user experience.

We are currently developing a new and improved GUI and will be launching in the next few months and we are planning to support the latest versions of the following browsers:
IE, Chrome, Firefox.

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